14 days

Active adventures in Costa Rica

Natural wonders and unspoiled beauty
Guanacaste (2 days) Santa Teresa (2) Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve (1) Manuel Antonio National Park (2) San Jose (1) Monteverde (2) Cerro Arenal Volcano (2) Tortuguero (2) San Jose (1)
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6 days

Costa Rica multisport

Tropical bike rides and outdoor adventures
San Jose (1 days) Cerro Arenal Volcano (1) Monteverde (1) Playa Carrillo (2) San Jose (1)
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13 days

Costa Rica wildlife adventure

National parks, cloud forests and turtles
San Jose (1 days) Tortuguero (2) Cerro Arenal Volcano (3) Monteverde (3) Manuel Antonio National Park (3) San Jose (2)
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9 days

Highlights of Costa Rica

Jungle wildlife and coastal relaxation
San Jose (1 days) Tortuguero (2) Cerro Arenal Volcano (3) Guanacaste (3) San Jose
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10 days

Classic Costa Rica

Pristine beaches and nesting turtles
San Jose (1 days) Puerto Viejo de Talamanca (3) Tortuguero (1) San Jose (1) Guanacaste (3) San Jose (2)
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15 days

Ultimate Costa Rica

Wildlife, beaches and rainforests
San Jose (1 days) Manuel Antonio National Park (2) Monteverde (2) Cerro Arenal Volcano (5) Tortuguero (2) Puerto Viejo de Talamanca (2) San Jose (2)
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8 days

Discover Oaxaca

Unique landscapes and ancient culture in Mexico’s highlands
Mexico City (2 days) Puebla (1) Cholula (1) Hierve el Agua (1) Oaxaca (3)
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6 days

Adventures in the Yucatán

Colonial towns, Mayan ruins and beaches
Cancun (1 days) Chichén Itzá (1) Mérida (1) Tulum (1) Playa del Carmen (1) Cancun (1)
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15 days

Mexico North to South

Mexico city to the turquoise waters of the Yucatán
Mexico City (2 days) Puebla (1) Cholula (1) Oaxaca (3) Chiapa de Corzo (1) San Cristóbal de las Casas (1) Palenque (2) Mérida (1) Chichén Itzá (1) Playa del Carmen (2)
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17 days

Adventures in Mexico and Cuba

Explore two of Latin America's most vibrant countries
Mexico City (2 days) Oaxaca (1) Hierve el Agua (1) San Cristóbal de las Casas (2) Palenque (1) Mérida (1) Chichén Itzá (1) Havana (1) Viñales (2) Cienfuegos (1) Trinidad (2) Havana (2)
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  • Costa Rica

    Costa Rica

    The most biodiverse country on earth
    Costa Rica is a leader in land conservation, with an astonishing 25% of its territory designated as protected area...
  • Monteverde


    Boasting an incredible ecosystem and home to approximately 5% of the planet’s total bird species, 130 mammal species and more than 3,000 plants, the cloud forests of Monteverde are a nature lover’s dream...
  • Cerro Arenal Volcano

    Cerro Arenal Volcano

    For several decades, the Cerro Arenal Volcano was the most active in Costa Rica, spewing molten lava and red hot boulders into the surrounding darkness...
  • Puerto Viejo de Talamanca

    Puerto Viejo de Talamanca

    Once a sleepy backwater surfing town, Puerto Viejo has become a stop-off for travellers looking to party...
  • Manuel Antonio National Park

    Manuel Antonio National Park

    If you imagine Costa Rica to be a paradise of pristine beaches, exotic flowers, thick rainforests, and crystal-clear waters, where monkeys and sloths and scarlet macaws frolic freely, then you have Manuel Antonio National Park in mind...
  • Guanacaste


    Once part of Nicaragua, Guanacaste in Costa Rica’s northwest is home to some of the country’s most beautiful beaches...
  • Cocos Island

    Cocos Island

    The uninhabited Cocos Island is known as one of the world’s best scuba diving destinations...
  • San Jose

    San Jose

    At first glance, San Jose might not seem like the prettiest of cities but delve a little deeper into the colonial mansions of Barrio Amon, the restaurants of Barrio Escalante and the many live music clubs, and you’ll soon uncover the beating cultural heart of Costa Rica’s capital...
  • Tortuguero


    Impossible to reach by car, Tortuguero on the north east coast of Costa Rica can only be accessed by boat...
  • Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve

    Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve

    The first national park in Costa Rica, Cabo Blanco Absolute Natural Reserve is part of the Tempisque Conservation Area in the province of Puntarenas...
  • Playa Carrillo

    Playa Carrillo

  • Santa Teresa

    Santa Teresa

    A small beach village in the Puntarenas Province, Santa Teresa’s beach is famous amongst surfers for its fast and powerful beach break and consistent waves...
  • Guatemala

  • Mexico


    Fiestas, Frida and Maya mystery
    Steamy jungles, historic architecture and more than 10,000km of coastline – Mexico is a feverish dream that delivers vivid experience after experience...
  • Oaxaca


    Vibrant and historical, Oaxaca City is a captivating blend of old and new that just begs to be explored...
  • Tulum


    Perhaps Mexico’s most photogenic archaeological site, Tulum’s clifftop Mayan ruins are framed by the pristine beaches and turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea...
  • Hierve el Agua

    Hierve el Agua

    This series of natural rock formations and mineral springs has become a popular day trip from Oaxaca which can be combined with hikes in the Valle de Tlacolula...
  • Chichén Itzá

    Chichén Itzá

    One of the new Seven Wonders of the World and the best restored Mayan site in the Yucatán, Chichén Itzá remains one of the most iconic images of Mexico, and a must-see for many travellers visiting the region...
  • Mexico City

    Mexico City

    The oldest capital city in the Americas, Mexico City is a buzzing tribute to an incredibly storied history, where pre-Hispanic and colonial-era buildings sit alongside innovative urban architecture and revamped public spaces...
  • Playa del Carmen

    Playa del Carmen

    Hipper and more laid-back than its Northern cousin Cancún, Playa del Carmen’s trendy nightlife and pristine beaches continue to draw tourists near and far, and this once-small fishing town is now one of the fastest growing cities in Mexico...
  • Mérida


    The Yucatán Peninsula’s largest city and self-proclaimed cultural capital is a delightful blend of colonial heritage and cosmopolitan living...
  • Chiapa de Corzo

    Chiapa de Corzo

    Only 12km from state capital Tuxtla Gutiérrez lies one of the most beautiful colonial towns in southern Mexico’s Chiapas state...
  • Puebla


    The capital of the Puebla Municipality and one of Mexico’s biggest cities, Puebla’s well-preserved historic centre is home to 70 churches and a wealth of elegant colonial architecture, earning its nickname “the city of angels”...
  • Cholula


    A brief 20-minute bus ride away from Puebla, Cholula de Rivadavia has undergone a transformation in recent years, from small satellite town and occasional tour stop to a bona fide boutique destination...
  • Palenque


    Surrounded by lush rainforest, the impressive temples of Palenque are some of the best examples of Mayan architecture and civilisation, and a top destination in Chiapas...
  • San Cristóbal de las Casas

    San Cristóbal de las Casas

    The unofficial cultural capital of the state of Chiapas, the mountain town of San Cristobal de las Casas is a little-known gem of southern Mexico...
  • Cancun


Central America

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