Untamed nature

Borneo is 'one great wild, untidy, luxuriant hothouse, made by nature for herself', wrote Charles Darwin in the 1800s. He was fascinated by this immense island's unique wildlife and despite the impact of logging and mining, it remains a rainforested trove of birds, plants and animals. Exotic orchids, orangutans, sun bears, pygmy elephants, Irrawaddy dolphins, clouded leopards: there is much to see, but some, like the orangutan, are under threat.

Away from a number of very worthy sanctuaries, it's not easy to spot these rare creatures. So take a paddle up river deep into the jungle to stay with tribespeople in a traditional longhouse. Here, you can get a local to show you around.

Tamara Thiessen

Borneo routes

Suggested tours & itineraries from our experts

Orangutans and Tanjung Puting

Kumai | Tanjung Puting National Park | Sekonyer River | Camp Leakey | Pesalat Reforestation Camp
Approx. 4 days
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Orangutans, rainforests, beaches

Kuching | Bako National Park | Batang Ai | Sandakan | Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary | Kinabatangan river | Kinabalu
Approx. 14 days
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Sarawak’s national parks

Kuching | Gunung Gading National Park | Semenggoh Nature Reserve | Bako National Park | Kuching Wetlands National Park
Approx. 7 days
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