Decolonising African travel—and travel writing

How a new generation is redefining African tourism

Mazuba Kapambwe
By Mazuba Kapambwe

Slow Scotland by campervan

Enjoying a Covid-era holiday closer to home

Steven Hunt
By Steven Hunt

Paradise lost

How overtourism both consumes and nourishes Malta's fragile economy

Daiva Repeckaite
By Daiva Repeckaite

Inside Armenia's shipping container cities

The lost survivors of the Gyumri earthquake

Joel Balsam Stephanie Foden
By Joel Balsam & Stephanie Foden

Tiny tanks, rake marks and boredom: Why it's time to end dolphin shows

The cruelty of keeping dolphins in captivity

Nick Stewart
By Nick Stewart

What you need to know about posing with wildlife

Can it ever be ethical to take an animal selfie?

Understanding your animal footprint

Head of animal welfare and captivity, Born Free Foundation

Chris Draper
By Chris Draper

Building the Transcaucasian Trail

The story of the volunteers hacking a 3,000km path across the Caucasus Mountains

Tom Allen
By Tom Allen

After the tsunami: The recovery of Tohoku

How Japan is rebuilding and remembering

James Clark
By James Clark

Grief, love and redemption in the pueblos of Costa Rica

Finding peace in a bar in El Llano

Laura Williams
By Laura Williams

The Journal Podcast by Horizon Guides: Revisiting Attenborough's Mountain Gorillas

Karam Filfilan
By Karam Filfilan

Experiencing India's great Kumbh Mela pilgrimage

The greatest spiritual gathering on earth

Mark Stratton
By Mark Stratton

A Tale Of Two Cities

The many faces of Peru's capital

Matthew Barker
By Matthew Barker

Responsible shopping and animals

Exploring Argentina's wine country

The different types of wine you should try in Argentina

How to find a real animal sanctuary

How do you know if that wildlife sanctuary actually helps animals?

Kellie Heckman
By Kellie Heckman

Kerala’s ancient art forms

Karam Filfilan
By Karam Filfilan

The great migration faces extinction

We need to act now

Dr Joseph Ogutu
By Dr Joseph Ogutu

One magical hour

Up close with our primate cousins

Sue Watt
By Sue Watt

The time to move has come

Feeling the thrill of the wildebeest migration

Anthony Ham
By Anthony Ham

Wildlife of Uganda: five species to look out for

Spot these amazing animals in East Africa’s gem

Sadie Butterworth-Jones
By Sadie Butterworth-Jones

Who will save India’s monuments?

Somdyuti Datta Ray
By Somdyuti Datta Ray

Family travel in Thailand off the tourist trail

Thailand's lesser known attractions are more accessible than you think

David Luekens
By David Luekens

Building Chile’s new 1,700 mile national park

Carolina Morgado
By Carolina Morgado

Orangutans: why you must avoid animal shows

Wildlife-spotting in the jungles of Borneo

Five animals to look out for when searching for orangutans

Is it right to conserve gorillas at the expense of people?

Conservation that works for everybody

A Silk Road journey

Life on a slow train through Kazakhstan

Steven Hermans
By Steven Hermans

Adventure without end

Journey through Costa Rica's raw rainforest

The beauty of the Northern Lights

Seeing Iceland's wondrous light show

In the land of Serendib

Loving Sri Lanka, despite its difficulties

Ethan Gelber
By Ethan Gelber

Getting awe-inspired in Alaska

A beauty so great it makes you cry

Saving the African rhino

Why ending demand is the key to stopping poaching

Peter Knights
By Peter Knights

The Journal Podcast #2: On the trail of Nepal's mystical yarsagumba

Searching for Himalayan gold with author Stuart Butler

Karam Filfilan
By Karam Filfilan

What's it like to be a park ranger?

Kruger National Park chief ranger Nicholus Funda on ranger life

Karam Filfilan
By Karam Filfilan

Meeting the cheetahs of the Karoo

Rewilding in South Africa's magical desert outback

Heather Richardson
By Heather Richardson

Responsible tourism in Antarctica

How organisations protect the White Continent from overtourism

Amanda Lynnes
By Amanda Lynnes

Exploring Peru beyond Machu Picchu

Historic treasures await outside the Sacred Valley

Hugh Thomson
By Hugh Thomson

The impact of village homestays in Peru

What do locals think of community-based tourism?

Guido Van Es
By Guido Van Es

The Journal Podcast #1: The Galapagos Islands with Jim Lutz

How travel can help conserve the Galapagos' unique wildlife

Karam Filfilan
By Karam Filfilan

Loved to death

Is overtourism killing the Taj Mahal?

Karam Filfilan
By Karam Filfilan

Saving Pushkar's historic camels

Has the Pushkar Camel Fair lost its magic?

Mariellen Ward
By Mariellen Ward

Wild Sri Lanka

Skip the elephant camps and see wildlife where it belongs

Vidya Balachander
By Vidya Balachander

Sri Lanka: From Serendib to serenity

Renaissance in the Indian Ocean

Vidya Balachander
By Vidya Balachander

The Original AirBnB

What to expect from Cuba’s Casa Particulares

Susana Corona Cruz
By Susana Corona Cruz

Cuba: An old girl with a new heart

What the future holds for the Caribbean island

Jim O'Donnell
By Jim O'Donnell

Life on board an Antarctic cruise

Unplug and enjoy the thrill

Katie Coakley
By Katie Coakley

An Antarctic journey

The ice with a mind of its own

Katie Coakley
By Katie Coakley

Responsible tourism on the Galapagos Islands

The fine balance between livelihoods and conservation

Jim Lutz
By Jim Lutz

Close encounters in the Galapagos

A reminder of the wonder of life on Earth

James Stewart
By James Stewart

Forest fires in Torres del Paine

A cautionary tale of irresponsible tourism

Marcela Torres
By Marcela Torres

Giving back to Torres del Paine

Protecting the park for future generations

Emily Green
By Emily Green

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