Orangutans and Tanjung Puting

Kumai | Tanjung Puting National Park | Sekonyer River | Camp Leakey | Pesalat Reforestation Camp

Destinations Duration Approx. 4 days
Destinations Destinations
Activity Activity Nature & Wildlife, Culture & History, Luxury, Cities, Photography, Birdwatching

Start in the port town of Kumai in Central Kalimantan, the gateway to the famous Tanjung Puting National Park. Here, you’ll board a traditional klotok longboat and begin your journey up the Sekonyer River, where you can spot crocodiles, proboscis monkeys and other wildlife. Day two will see you arrive at renowned orangutan research centre Camp Leakey, where you’ll meet rangers, explore the camp and watch orangutans feeding, before trekking into the jungle. After a peaceful night on your boat, you’ll sail downriver to an orangutan feeding station, before journeying to the Pesalat Reforestation Camp. Here, you can learn more about reforestation and the devastating impact of illegal logging on Borneo’s wildlife, as well as searching for proboscis monkeys before returning to Kumai.

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Orangutans, rainforests, beaches

Kuching | Bako National Park | Batang Ai | Sandakan | Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary | Kinabatangan river | Kinabalu

Destinations Duration Approx. 14 days
Destinations Destinations Sandakan, Sabah, Sarawak, Kuching
Activity Activity Nature & Wildlife, Culture & History, Luxury, Cities, Photography, Birdwatching

Start your trip in cosmopolitan Kuching, making sure to sample Malaysian cuisine before making a day trip to Bako National Park, Sarawak’s oldest national park. Here, you can trek through the jungle and see macaques and proboscis monkeys. Next, head to the Batang Ai river, where you’ll take a riverboat cruise to see the traditional longhouses of the Iban people. Travel back to Kuching before flying to Sandakan and the Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary for feeding time and conservation. Continue your orangutan odyssey on the Kinabatangan River searching for semi-wild orangutans building nests and jungle treks. End your trip with a flight to Kinabalu for beaches, resorts and relaxation.

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Sarawak’s national parks

Kuching | Gunung Gading National Park | Semenggoh Nature Reserve | Bako National Park | Kuching Wetlands National Park

Destinations Duration Approx. 7 days
Destinations Destinations Sarawak, Kuching
Activity Activity Nature & Wildlife, Culture & History, Luxury, Cities, Photography, Birdwatching

Starting in kaleidoscopic Kuching, take the time to stroll along the riverfront, taking in the colonial architecture, Weekend Market and a day trip to Gunung Gading National Park — especially if the giant Rafflesia flower is in bloom. Next, begin your orangutan adventure in the Semenggoh Nature Reserve at the orangutan sanctuary, where you can watch this playful ape feed and learn survival skills before being re-released back into the wild. Continue your wildlife adventure with a boat trip to Bako National Park to see macaques and proboscis monkeys, before ending in Kuching Wetlands National Park for crocodiles, lizards and an amazing array of birds.

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