Tropical beaches and beautiful temples

Thailand, a nearly 1,000-year-old kingdom with a population and landmass to match the UK, is a land of plenty. Old-growth jungle cloaks the mountains. Brilliant beaches rim hundreds of islands. The scent of tropical aromatics — galangal and coconut, finger root and bird's eye chilli — steam from endless markets. As far as the eye can see, rice fields shimmer.

David Luekens

Thailand routes

Suggested tours & itineraries from our experts

Bangkok and beyond

Bangkok | Ayutthaya | Kanchanburi
Approx. 4 days
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Wats and mountaintops up North

Chiang Mai | Lanna | Chiang Dao | Fang | Tha Ton | Chiang Rai
Approx. 7 days
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Action and relaxing down South

Phuket | Surat Thani | Khao Sok | Krabi | Railay | Ko Lanta | Ko Muk | Trang
Approx. 10 days
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