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Home of the Amazon rainforest, samba and O Joga Bonito (the beautiful game – football), Brazil is one of the world’s most fascinating places, with travel experiences to match any adventurer’s needs.

Such is Brazil’s vastness (it covers half of South America and its people make up half the population of the continent), that it’s hard to pinpoint what makes it so special. There are powdery white-sand beaches, thundering waterfalls at Iguacu and a biodiversity of creatures that borders on the ridiculous. Nearly four million species call Brazil home, from toucans to howler monkeys, pink dolphins to sea turtles.

Underpinning this natural beauty is the awe-inspiring Amazon river and rainforest. Home to more than 390 billion trees and covering more than 8 million sq/km, the Amazon Basin contains more than 60% of the world’s remaining rainforests, with half of this lying in Brazil. Visitors to the Amazon region can encounter some of Brazil’s most remote communities, as well as learning about the problems facing the region – between 2017 and 2018, an area five times the size of London was lost to deforestation.

Finally, there are Brazil’s cities: rhythmic Rio de Janeiro, sprawled between ocean and mountain; charming Old Town Salvador; and enormous Sao Paulo, a centre of business and culture to name but a few. In each, you’ll find that legendary, laidback Brazilian sense of fun. So pull up a chair at the bar, order a caipirinha and dive into Brazil – this is a country that has everything.

Wildlife in the Pantanal

A guide to wildlife watching in the Pantanal

Move over Amazon, the watery world of the Pantanal is hands-down the best place for wildlife watching in all of South America. The aquatic environment nurtures a bewildering range of plant and animal species. Visitors stand a fine chance of watching the world’s largest parrot (hyacinth macaw), the largest rodent (the pig-sized capybara), the longest snake (green anaconda) and greatest gathering of crocodilians (yacaré caiman), as well as the New World’s biggest cat (jaguar) and South America’s heaviest land mammal (South American tapir) more

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Rio To Lençóis Maranhenses And Beyond

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Amazon and Pantanal itinerary

10 day itinerary to Brazil's natural wonders
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Afro-Brazilian Bahia and Rio

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Big city Brazil

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Rio de Janeiro, Beaches & Island Hopping

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Iguazu Falls and Bahia beaches

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The Brazilian Amazon and Iguazu

Wildlife and waterfalls in Brazil
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  • Rio de Janeiro

    Rio de Janeiro

    Is there another city on earth that can match Rio's beauty? Mountain peaks, lush forests, beautiful beaches and playful inhabitants make Rio a must-see on any Brazilian itinerary...
  • Paraty


    A picturesque colonial-era town nestled on a beautiful stretch of Atlantic coast and backed by forested mountains...
  • Pantanal


    The Pantanal offers some of South America's finest wildlife watching...
  • São Luís de Maranhão

    São Luís de Maranhão

    Known for its Afro-Brazilian vibe, the World Heritage-listed centre of Sao Luis is a great place to stroll around admiring colonial mansions, art galleries and museums...
  • Brazilian Amazon

    Brazilian Amazon

    The Amazon rainforest is the world's most important ecosystem, home to pristine rainforest, indigenous communities and an abundance of wildlife...
  • Iguassu Falls

    Iguassu Falls

    The mighty Iguazu Falls are actually a chain of 275 smaller waterfalls, forming an awe-inspiring semi-circle of water and noise...
  • Manaus


    Steamy, sultry Manaus is the entry point to the Brazilian Amazon and a huge port city, despite being more than 1,500km from the sea...
  • Lençóis Maranhenses National Park

    Lençóis Maranhenses National Park

    A perfect mix of smooth sand dunes, hidden lagoons and ocean views, Lençóis Maranhenses National Park is one of Brazil’s most beautiful natural wonders...
  • Jericoacoara


    The small fishing village of Jericoacoara is the perfect place to try out some adventure activities...
  • Cuiabá


    Best known as the gateway to the wildlife of the Pantanal, Cuiaba is worth a day or two of your time...
  • Barra Grande

    Barra Grande

    Brazil northeastern coastline is full of beautiful beaches, but Barra Grande is one of the best...
  • Fortaleza


  • Salvador


    Tropical Salvador is home to plenty of gorgeous coastline, but it is the city’s Afro-Brazilian culture that attracts visitors...
  • Brasilia


    Brazil’s much-maligned capital is one of the world’s greatest examples of modernist architecture, but is often at the bottom of visitors’ must-see destinations...
  • São Paulo

    São Paulo

    Sprawling São Paulo is Brazil’s biggest city, economic powerhouse and cultural centre...
  • Ilha de Boipeba

    Ilha de Boipeba

    A 12-km stretch of jungle and beaches, laidback Boipeba is the perfect place to lounge on the beach, eat delicious seafood and unwind from the stresses of the mainland...
  • Ilha Grande

    Ilha Grande

    The island of Ilha Grande is tucked away between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo and is a popular holiday destination with both Brazilians and international travellers...

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