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The Pantanal offers some of South America's finest wildlife watching. From jaguars to anacondas, parrots to caimans, this is the place in Brazil to see animals. Choose your season carefully — come in the dry season for birdwatching, or head there just after the rains for mammals.

Wildlife in the Pantanal

A guide to wildlife watching in the Pantanal

Move over Amazon, the watery world of the Pantanal is hands-down the best place for wildlife watching in all of South America. The aquatic environment nurtures a bewildering range of plant and animal species. Visitors stand a fine chance of watching the world’s largest parrot (hyacinth macaw), the largest rodent (the pig-sized capybara), the longest snake (green anaconda) and greatest gathering of crocodilians (yacaré caiman), as well as the New World’s biggest cat (jaguar) and South America’s heaviest land mammal (South American tapir) more

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Amazon and Pantanal adventure

Wildlife and wilderness in Brazil
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