11 days

Cross-border Patagonia

The wilds of Patagonia
Buenos Aires (3 days) El Calafate (1) Glaciers National Park (2) Torres del Paine National Park (2) Santiago (3)
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18 days

Patagonia Fjords, Antarctica & the Falklands

Cruise from Patagonia to wildlife-rich Antarctica
Punta Arenas (2 days) Cape Horn (1) Drake Passage (2) Antarctic Peninsula (8) Falkland Islands (4) Punta Arenas (1)
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19 days

Antarctica Cruise from Chile Itinerary

19-day cruise from Chile to Antarctica
Santiago (3 days) Punta Arenas (1) Drake Passage (1) Antarctic Peninsula (7) Cape Horn (2) Torres del Paine National Park (5)
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10 days

Argentina & Chile Explorer

The best of Patagonia and the Lake District
Buenos Aires (2 days) El Calafate (1) Glaciers National Park (2) Torres del Paine National Park (3) The Lakes District (2) Bariloche (2)
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13 days

Chile Top to Tail

Deserts, lakes and wild Patagonia
Santiago (2 days) Atacama Desert (3) The Lakes District (3) Chiloé Island (2) Puerto Natales (1) Torres del Paine National Park (4) Santiago (1)
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13 days

Chile Fjord Cruise

Glacial lakes and mountains
Santiago (2 days) Atacama Desert (3) The Lakes District (3) Torres del Paine National Park (4) Cape Horn (1)
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14 days

Classic Chile

Otherworldy scenery, vineyards and lively Santiago
Santiago (1 days) Torres del Paine National Park (3) Puerto Natales (1) The Lakes District (3) Chiloé Island (2) Atacama Desert (3) Colchagua Valley (1)
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  • Atacama Desert

    Atacama Desert

    Covering over 1,000km of land from the Pacific coast to the Bolivian border, the Atacama desert is home to a range of otherworldly landscapes which leave even the most world-weary travellers breathless — though the high altitude could also be to blame for that...
  • The Lakes District

    The Lakes District

    Known for its conical volcanoes and its shimmering lakes, this region of central Chile and Argentina offers accessible and easy-going hiking with spectacular views, quiet villages and a laid back pace of life...
  • Easter Island (Rapa Nui)

    Easter Island (Rapa Nui)

    A speck of land cast some 3,500km from the mainland, the story of the rise and fall of the Rapa Nui civilisation is fascinating and tragic in equal measures...
  • Torres del Paine National Park

    Torres del Paine National Park

    Tucked away in the southernmost corner of Chilean Patagonia, Torres del Paine National Park is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of place...
  • Santiago


    Surrounded by hills, energetic Santiago is the beating heart of Chile and home to 40% of its people...
  • Elqui Valley

    Elqui Valley

    Set in lush green vineyards in the foothills of the Andes, the Elqui Valley is one of the finest places in Chile to try pisco, a local high-proof brandy...
  • Puerto Natales

    Puerto Natales

    This small fishing town has been transformed in recent decades into a hikers’ paradise — popular shopping includes Gore-Tex and trail mix — thanks in large part to nearby Torres del Paine National Park...
  • Colchagua Valley

    Colchagua Valley

    Spend a day or two touring the scenic Colchagua Valley, at the heart of Chile’s wine industry...
  • Chiloé Island

    Chiloé Island

    The largest island in the Chiloé Archipelago (and the second largest in Chile), Chiloé Island is a must-visit for many tourists travelling to Chile’s beautiful Lake District region...
  • Valparaiso


    The chaotic counterweight to Santiago’s orderly vibe, port city Valparaiso is a colourful mess of winding streets, ramshackle houses and sweeping coastal views...
  • Valle Chacabuco

    Valle Chacabuco

    Head to the hills of Valle Chacabuco for unrivalled wildlife spotting and nature photography...
  • Punta Arenas

    Punta Arenas

    Sitting alongside the Strait of Magellan, this sprawling city provides a base for those wanting to explore the wilderness of Chile’s southernmost Patagonia and is a popular starting point for many Antarctic cruises...
  • Cape Horn

    Cape Horn

    The rocky headland of Hornos Island, where the wild oceans of the Pacific and Atlantic meet, lies the fabled Cape Horn...
  • San Pedro de Atacama

  • Llanquihue

  • Conguillío National Park

  • Mapu Lahual

  • Puerto Varas

  • Arica

  • Putre

  • Laguna Chungara

  • Salar de Surire

  • Suriplaza

  • Acotango Volcano

  • Lauca National Park

  • Robinson Crusoe Island

    Robinson Crusoe Island

    The volcanic Juan Fernandez Island chain is internationally recognised as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve...
  • Jeinimeni National Reserve

    Jeinimeni National Reserve

    Jeinimeni National Reserve in Chile Chico, Patagonia might just be Patagonia’s best-kept secret...
  • Cochamo Valley

    Cochamo Valley

    Popular with young Chilean backpackers and rock climbing fanatics, the Cochamo Valley is slowly becoming a favourite stop for hikers in the South of Chile...
  • Cerro Castillo National Park

    Cerro Castillo National Park

    Located in the heart of Aysen Patagonia, this jagged mountain peak is getting more attention from hikers and is said to be the next Torres del Paine...
  • Pumalín Douglas Tompkins National Park

    Pumalín Douglas Tompkins National Park

    This park to the far north of Chilean Patagonia was named in honour of Douglas Tompkins, the visionary entrepreneur who was a driving force for conservation across Patagonia...
  • Huerquehue National Park

    Huerquehue National Park

  • Puerto Río Tranquilo

  • Patagonia National Park

    Patagonia National Park

  • Puerto Williams


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