12 days

Qhapaq Ñan trek to Huanuco Pampa

Explore Peru's grand route of the Incas
Lima (1 days) Cusco (1) Sacred Valley (1) Machu Picchu (1) Cusco (1) Huaraz (5) Huaraz (1) Lima (1)
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9 days

Argentinian Highlights

Tango, wine and waterfalls
Buenos Aires (3 days) Iguazu Falls (2) Mendoza (2) Valle de Uco
View itinerary
9 days

From Iguazu to Perito Moreno

Argentina north to south
Buenos Aires (3 days) El Calafate (1) Glaciers National Park (2) Iguazu Falls (2) Buenos Aires (1)
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11 days

Cross-border Patagonia

The wilds of Patagonia
Buenos Aires (3 days) El Calafate (1) Glaciers National Park (2) Torres del Paine National Park (2) Santiago (3)
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6 days

Classic Peru & Machu Picchu

The classic route to Peru's most popular highlights
Lima (1 days) Cusco (2) Sacred Valley (1) Machu Picchu (1) Lima (1)
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9 days

Machu Picchu & Amazon cruise

Small-ship luxury cruise with Machu Picchu
Lima (1 days) Peruvian Amazon (3) Cusco (2) Sacred Valley (1) Machu Picchu (1) Lima (1)
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9 days

Machu Picchu & Amazon lodge

See Peru from rainforest eco-lodge to mountain empires
Lima (1 days) Peruvian Amazon (3) Cusco (2) Sacred Valley (1) Machu Picchu (1) Lima (1)
View itinerary
12 days

Highlights of Peru

A grand tour of Peru's mountain civilisation
Lima (1 days) Arequipa (2) Colca Canyon (1) Lake Titicaca (2) Cusco (2) Sacred Valley (1) Machu Picchu (1) Lima (1)
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8 days

Active Sacred Valley & Machu Picchu trek

Explore Peru's grand route of the Incas
Lima (1 days) Sacred Valley (1) Sacred Valley (1) Peru (1) Machu Picchu (1) Machu Picchu (1) Cusco (1) Lima (1)
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13 days

Machu Picchu & Galapagos cruise

An epic land and sea voyage of history and nature
Lima (1 days) Sacred Valley (2) Machu Picchu (1) Cusco (2) Quito (2) Isla Santa Cruz (1) Isla Fernandina (1) Isla Isabela (1) Isla Santiago (1) Quito (1)
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10 days

Galapagos and Amazon basin combined

Explore the highlights of Ecuador
Isla Santa Cruz (1 days) Isla Santiago (1) Isla Bartolomé (1) Isla Genovesa (1) The Amazon Basin (3) Quito (3)
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4 days

Classic Galapagos cruise

See the best of the Galapagos Islands
Isla Santa Cruz (1 days) Isla Bartolomé (1) Isla Genovesa (1) Isla Santa Cruz (1)
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5 days

Galapagos eco-lodge exploration

Luxury ecotravel at its finest
Quito (1 days) Isla Santa Cruz (1) Isla Bartolomé (1) Isla Santiago (1) Quito (1)
View itinerary
8 days

Galapagos expedition cruise

Luxury-class cruise of the islands
Isla Santa Cruz (1 days) Isla Fernandina (1) Isla Isabela (1) Isla Bartolomé (1) Isla Rabida (1) Isla Santa Cruz (1) Isla Española (1) Isla San Cristóbal (1)
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18 days

Patagonia Fjords, Antarctica & the Falklands

Cruise from Patagonia to wildlife-rich Antarctica
Punta Arenas (2 days) Cape Horn (1) Drake Passage (2) Antarctic Peninsula (8) Falkland Islands (4) Punta Arenas (1)
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21 days

Antarctica, South Georgia & Falklands

An extended expedition to all sub-Antarctic highlights
Ushuaia (2 days) Falkland Islands (5) South Georgia (5) Antarctic Peninsula (7) Drake Passage (2)
View itinerary
19 days

Antarctica Cruise from Chile Itinerary

19-day cruise from Chile to Antarctica
Santiago (3 days) Punta Arenas (1) Drake Passage (1) Antarctic Peninsula (7) Cape Horn (2) Torres del Paine National Park (5)
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10 days

Argentina & Chile Explorer

The best of Patagonia and the Lake District
Buenos Aires (2 days) El Calafate (1) Glaciers National Park (2) Torres del Paine National Park (3) The Lakes District (2) Bariloche (2)
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13 days

Chile Top to Tail

Deserts, lakes and wild Patagonia
Santiago (2 days) Atacama Desert (3) The Lakes District (3) Chiloé Island (2) Puerto Natales (1) Torres del Paine National Park (4) Santiago (1)
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13 days

Chile Fjord Cruise

Glacial lakes and mountains
Santiago (2 days) Atacama Desert (3) The Lakes District (3) Torres del Paine National Park (4) Cape Horn (1)
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14 days

Classic Chile

Otherworldy scenery, vineyards and lively Santiago
Santiago (1 days) Torres del Paine National Park (3) Puerto Natales (1) The Lakes District (3) Chiloé Island (2) Atacama Desert (3) Colchagua Valley (1)
View itinerary
15 days

Iguazu Falls & Andean Highlights

A grand tour of Peru and Brazil
Lima (1 days) Peruvian Amazon (3) Sacred Valley (2) Machu Picchu (1) Cusco (2) Iguassu Falls (2) Rio de Janeiro (3)
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9 days

Rio To Lençóis Maranhenses And Beyond

Nine day beach, lagoon and lake itinerary
Rio de Janeiro (3 days) São Luís de Maranhão (1) Lençóis Maranhenses National Park (2) Barra Grande (1) Jericoacoara (1) Fortaleza (1)
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10 days

Amazon and Pantanal adventure

Wildlife and wilderness in Brazil
Cuiabá (1 days) Pantanal (4) Manaus (1) Brazilian Amazon (3) Manaus (1)
View itinerary
10 days

Afro-Brazilian Bahia and Rio

The best of Bahia with Rio stopover
Salvador (3 days) São Luís de Maranhão (1) Lençóis Maranhenses National Park (3) Rio de Janeiro (3)
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12 days

Big city Brazil

Explore the bright lights of cosmopolitan Brazil
Brasilia (2 days) Rio de Janeiro (3) Paraty (3) Rio de Janeiro (1) São Paulo (3)
View itinerary
10 days

Rio de Janeiro, Beaches & Island Hopping

10-day itinerary to Rio and its nearby islands & beaches
Rio de Janeiro (3 days) Paraty (3) Ilha Grande (3) Rio de Janeiro (1)
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12 days

Iguazu Falls and Bahia beaches

Natural wonders and beautiful beaches
Rio de Janeiro (3 days) Iguassu Falls (3) Salvador (2) Ilha de Boipeba (3) Salvador (1)
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10 days

The Brazilian Amazon and Iguazu

Wildlife and waterfalls in Brazil
Rio de Janeiro (4 days) Iguassu Falls (2) Manaus (1) Brazilian Amazon (3)
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18 days

Northern Peru beyond Machu Picchu

Amazon river cruises and archaeological wonders
Lima (2 days) Huaraz (2) Trujillo (2) Chiclayo (2) Chachapoyas & Kuelap (2) Tarapoto (3) Iquitos (4) Lima (1)
View itinerary
  • Patagonia


    The wilderness at the end of the earth
    Patagonia occupies a special place in travel lore: A wilderness of rock and ice, remote frontier communities and vast glacial landscapes...
  • Argentina


    A seductive mix of tango, treks and history
    Argentina is a beguiling mix of modern cities and natural beauty...
  • Buenos Aires

    Buenos Aires

    Buenos Aires is the mother of all Argentinian cities, with amazing French and Italian architecture, a food scene that covers much more than just steakhouses and nightlife that doesn’t get started until 2am...
  • Mendoza


    Nestled amongst the foothills of the Andes in Argentina’s Cuyo region, Mendoza’s 300,000+ hectares of vineyards are responsible for up to 80% of the country’s wine production, including the famed Malbec red wine...
  • Iguazu Falls

    Iguazu Falls

    The mighty Iguazu Falls are awe-inspiring...
  • Iberá Wetlands

    Iberá Wetlands

    As the second largest wetland in the world, the ecosystem here is rich in diverse species, including howler monkeys, maned wolves, river otters, both of Argentina’s caiman species and the biggest rodents in the world, capybaras...
  • Valle de Uco

    Valle de Uco

    Nestled in the foothills of the Andes, this valley produces some of Argentina’s best wines, with a superb depth of flavour...
  • Bariloche


    Hugging the shores of the glacial lake Nahuel Huapi and surrounded by forest-lined Mountains, you’d be forgiven for mistaking Argentina’s San Carlos de Bariloche for an alpine Swiss town...
  • El Calafate

    El Calafate

    The scenic town of El Calafate has many shops and eateries that offer products made from sweet Calafate berries, Patagonia’s famous fruit with many health benefits...
  • El Chaltén

    El Chaltén

    El Chaltén is one of the most iconic granite monoliths in the world...
  • Glaciers National Park

    Glaciers National Park

    The UNESCO World Heritage Glaciers National Park is home to more than 300 glaciers covering 217 miles, as well as mountain peaks, 15,000-year-old lakes and plenty of wildlife...
  • Ushuaia


    Located on the southernmost tip of South America and the gateway to the Antarctic and South Atlantic, it is easy to see how port town Ushuaia earned its nickname the “End of the World”...
  • Perito Moreno National Park

  • Tierra del Fuego National Park

  • Salta

  • Valdes Peninsula

  • Puerto Madryn

  • Cachi

  • Cafayate

  • Bolivia


  • Salar de Uyuni

    Salar de Uyuni

    The world's largest salt flats
  • Sajama

  • Sajama National Park

  • La Paz

  • Siloli Desert

  • Brazil


    Samba rhythms and wild landscapes
    Home of the Amazon rainforest, samba and O Joga Bonito (the beautiful game – football), Brazil is one of the world’s most fascinating places, with travel experiences to match any adventurer’s needs...
  • Rio de Janeiro

    Rio de Janeiro

    Is there another city on earth that can match Rio's beauty? Mountain peaks, lush forests, beautiful beaches and playful inhabitants make Rio a must-see on any Brazilian itinerary...
  • Paraty


    A picturesque colonial-era town nestled on a beautiful stretch of Atlantic coast and backed by forested mountains...
  • Pantanal


    The Pantanal offers some of South America's finest wildlife watching...
  • São Luís de Maranhão

    São Luís de Maranhão

    Known for its Afro-Brazilian vibe, the World Heritage-listed centre of Sao Luis is a great place to stroll around admiring colonial mansions, art galleries and museums...
  • Brazilian Amazon

    Brazilian Amazon

    The Amazon rainforest is the world's most important ecosystem, home to pristine rainforest, indigenous communities and an abundance of wildlife...
  • Iguassu Falls

    Iguassu Falls

    The mighty Iguazu Falls are actually a chain of 275 smaller waterfalls, forming an awe-inspiring semi-circle of water and noise...
  • Manaus


    Steamy, sultry Manaus is the entry point to the Brazilian Amazon and a huge port city, despite being more than 1,500km from the sea...
  • Lençóis Maranhenses National Park

    Lençóis Maranhenses National Park

    A perfect mix of smooth sand dunes, hidden lagoons and ocean views, Lençóis Maranhenses National Park is one of Brazil’s most beautiful natural wonders...
  • Jericoacoara


    The small fishing village of Jericoacoara is the perfect place to try out some adventure activities...
  • Cuiabá


    Best known as the gateway to the wildlife of the Pantanal, Cuiaba is worth a day or two of your time...
  • Barra Grande

    Barra Grande

    Brazil northeastern coastline is full of beautiful beaches, but Barra Grande is one of the best...
  • Fortaleza


  • Salvador


    Tropical Salvador is home to plenty of gorgeous coastline, but it is the city’s Afro-Brazilian culture that attracts visitors...
  • Brasilia


    Brazil’s much-maligned capital is one of the world’s greatest examples of modernist architecture, but is often at the bottom of visitors’ must-see destinations...
  • São Paulo

    São Paulo

    Sprawling São Paulo is Brazil’s biggest city, economic powerhouse and cultural centre...
  • Ilha de Boipeba

    Ilha de Boipeba

    A 12-km stretch of jungle and beaches, laidback Boipeba is the perfect place to lounge on the beach, eat delicious seafood and unwind from the stresses of the mainland...
  • Ilha Grande

    Ilha Grande

    The island of Ilha Grande is tucked away between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo and is a popular holiday destination with both Brazilians and international travellers...
  • Chile


    The land of extremes
    At over 4300km in length but only 170km wide, Chile is sandwiched between the lofty Andes and the Pacific Ocean...
  • Atacama Desert

    Atacama Desert

    Covering over 1,000km of land from the Pacific coast to the Bolivian border, the Atacama desert is home to a range of otherworldly landscapes which leave even the most world-weary travellers breathless — though the high altitude could also be to blame for that...
  • The Lakes District

    The Lakes District

    Known for its conical volcanoes and its shimmering lakes, this region of central Chile and Argentina offers accessible and easy-going hiking with spectacular views, quiet villages and a laid back pace of life...
  • Easter Island (Rapa Nui)

    Easter Island (Rapa Nui)

    A speck of land cast some 3,500km from the mainland, the story of the rise and fall of the Rapa Nui civilisation is fascinating and tragic in equal measures...
  • Torres del Paine National Park

    Torres del Paine National Park

    Chile’s Torres del Paine National Park is renowned for its trekking and hiking, with excellent infrastructure for day hikes and multi-day treks...
  • Santiago


    Surrounded by hills, energetic Santiago is the beating heart of Chile and home to 40% of its people...
  • Elqui Valley

    Elqui Valley

    Set in lush green vineyards in the foothills of the Andes, the Elqui Valley is one of the finest places in Chile to try pisco, a local high-proof brandy...
  • Puerto Natales

    Puerto Natales

    This small fishing town has been transformed in recent decades into a hikers’ paradise — popular shopping includes Gore-Tex and trail mix — thanks in large part to nearby Torres del Paine National Park...
  • Colchagua Valley

    Colchagua Valley

    Spend a day or two touring the scenic Colchagua Valley, at the heart of Chile’s wine industry...
  • Chiloé Island

    Chiloé Island

    The largest island in the Chiloé Archipelago (and the second largest in Chile), Chiloé Island is a must-visit for many tourists travelling to Chile’s beautiful Lake District region...
  • Valparaiso


    The chaotic counterweight to Santiago’s orderly vibe, port city Valparaiso is a colourful mess of winding streets, ramshackle houses and sweeping coastal views...
  • Valle Chacabuco

    Valle Chacabuco

    Head to the hills of Valle Chacabuco for unrivalled wildlife spotting and nature photography...
  • Punta Arenas

    Punta Arenas

    Sitting alongside the Strait of Magellan, this sprawling city provides a base for those wanting to explore the wilderness of Chile’s southernmost Patagonia and is a popular starting point for many Antarctic cruises...
  • Cape Horn

    Cape Horn

    The rocky headland of Hornos Island, where the wild oceans of the Pacific and Atlantic meet, lies the fabled Cape Horn...
  • San Pedro de Atacama

  • Llanquihue

  • Conguillío National Park

  • Mapu Lahual

  • Puerto Varas

  • Arica

  • Putre

  • Laguna Chungara

  • Salar de Surire

  • Suriplaza

  • Acotango Volcano

  • Lauca National Park

  • Colombia


  • Bogota

  • Medellin

  • Cartagena

  • Tayrona National Park

  • Ecuador


    Where nature and history meet
    Sitting on the shoulder of the South American continent, Ecuador – the mainland at least – somehow manages to avoid the limelight of the region's bigger hitters...
  • Quito


    Ecuador's mountain capital
    Perched between Andean mountain peaks, dramatic Quito is the perfect introduction to laidback Ecuador...
  • Otavalo

  • The Amazon Basin

    The Amazon Basin

    Mind-boggling biodiversity
    The starting point for most Amazon jungle trips, Coca is slowly transforming itself from tourist transport hub into somewhere worth visiting itself...
  • The Galapagos Islands

    The Galapagos Islands

    The islands that changed the world
    For such a tiny smattering of islands flung far into the Pacific Ocean, the Galapagos archipelago has had an outsized impact on humanity and our understanding of ourselves...
  • Isla Santa Cruz

    Isla Santa Cruz

    Almost all visitors to the Galapagos Islands will touch down in Isla Santa Cruz at some point...
  • Isla Isabela

    Isla Isabela

    Isabela is the largest of the Galapagos Islands and is made up of five (sometimes) active volcanoes...
  • Isla Genovesa

    Isla Genovesa

    Stay with us – Isla Genovesa is also known as Booby Island due to the sheer number of goofy-looking Nazca and red-footed boobies that live here...
  • Isla Rabida

    Isla Rabida

    Famous for the unique red colour of its beach and cliffs, Isla Rabida is known for the sizeable number of flamingos that feed on shrimp in its lagoon, snorkelling with sea lions and the large number of bird species that live here...
  • Isla Floreana

    Isla Floreana

    To the north of Floreana lies Punta Cormorant, a beautiful white sand beach that runs for 720m and is known as the best flamingo lagoon in the Galapagos...
  • Isla San Cristóbal

    Isla San Cristóbal

    Sea lions are everywhere in San Cristobal, so head down to any accessible waterfront to see noisy sea lions and furry babies frolicking on the sand and occasionally taking to the water...
  • Isla Española

    Isla Española

    Española is one of the more remote Galapagos Islands, at some 90km southeast of Isla Santa Cruz...
  • Isla Bartolomé

    Isla Bartolomé

    Tiny Bartolomé is most famous for its landscapes and scenery...
  • Isla Fernandina

    Isla Fernandina

    The third largest — and youngest — of the Galapagos Islands, Fernandina has a unique environment which makes it a haven for thousands of slowly-moving marine iguanas, Galapagos penguins, flightless cormorants and sea lions...
  • Isla Santiago

    Isla Santiago

    Once a hideout for smugglers and pirates, Isla Santiago is now best-known for Sullivan Bay, where century-old lava has solidified into bubbles and caves, and Puerto Egas, a wet landing where you can see seals, sea lions and sea birds...
  • Isla Darwin

    Isla Darwin

    Tiny Darwin Island, at the remote far north of the archipelago, is one of the world’s premier scuba locations...
  • Cotopaxi National Park

  • Quilotoa Lagoon

  • Yasuni National Park

  • Baños

  • Riobamba

  • Cuenca

  • Alausí

  • Falkland Islands

    Falkland Islands

    World-class birdwatching and beaches
    Known by the Spanish as Islas Malvinas, this island archipelago has far more to offer than a troubled political history...
  • Peru


    Hidden treasures for those that look
    Mention Peru to most and their first response will almost certainly be: Machu Picchu! For better or worse the famed citadel has become virtually synonymous with its host nation...
  • Lima


    Peru's unfairly overlooked capital
    Many tourists arrive in Lima only to fly straight out to Cusco, Arequipa or other popular tourist destinations in Peru...
  • Cusco


    Capital of the Inca
    Once the capital of the mighty Inca Empire, Cusco is today the beating heart of Peru's tourism industry...
  • Sacred Valley

    Sacred Valley

    Peru's spiritual heartland
    The Urubamba River descends from Cusco, eventually connecting with tributaries of the mighty Amazon...
  • Machu Picchu

    Machu Picchu

    Peru's archaeological rock star
    Machu Picchu is the top attraction in Peru and, in 2007, was voted one of the New Seven Wonders of the World...
  • Arequipa


    Peru's elegant White City
    Peru's second city is an elegant, refined counterweight to Lima's grey skies and frequently frenetic streets...
  • Colca Canyon

    Colca Canyon

    Flight of the condor
    Twice as deep as the Grand Canyon but a fraction of the width, Colca Canyon cuts a dramatic scar across Peru's southern Andes...
  • Lake Titicaca

    Lake Titicaca

    Shimmering heart of the Andean universe
    A tranquil expanse of turquoise water seemingly at the roof of the world, Lake Titicaca was revered as the birthplace of Peru's original civilisations and the centre of the indigenous cosmos...
  • Puerto Maldonado

    Puerto Maldonado

    Accessible Amazonian adventures
    Puerto Maldonado, in Peru's southern Amazon, is the most accessible entrance to the jungle...
  • Iquitos


    The jungle city
    Famous for being accessible only by air or boat, Iquitos lies in Peru's distant north-eastern Amazon with a distinct frontier vibe to match...
  • Manú National Park

  • Peruvian Amazon

  • Chavín de Huántar

    Chavín de Huántar

    "Birthplace of South American culture”
    If you have an interest in the formation of Andean civilisation, Chavín de Huántar is vastly more significant than the famed Machu Picchu, but with a fraction of the crowds...
  • Choquequirao


    Machu Picchu without the crowds (for now)
    Machu Picchu 2...
  • Trujillo

    Northern historical heartlands
  • Chiclayo

  • Chachapoyas & Kuelap

    Chachapoyas & Kuelap

    The great cloud forest citadel
    Constructed by the Chachapoyas people, a formidable and mysterious pre-Inca civilisation who referred to themselves as ‘Warriors of the Cloud’, Kuélap was probably first settled sometime in the fifth or sixth century AD and gradually built up over almost a millennium...
  • Huaraz


    Peru's mountain exploration base
    Huaraz is Peru’s premier destination for trekking and mountain climbing in the Andes...
  • Tarapoto


  • Caral


    In 1994, archaeologist Ruth Shady Solis stumbled on a strange mound in Peru’s grey lunar desert...
  • Chan Chan

    Chan Chan

    With its strange, honeycomb-like walls and labyrinth of wavelike parapets, this sprawling adobe capital looks at first to have been made by extraterrestrials...
  • Sipan

  • Tucume

  • Luya Province

  • Ollantaytambo

  • Leymebamba

  • Utcubamba Province

  • Nazca

  • Tambopata

  • Piura

  • Mancora

  • Gocta Falls

  • Cajamarca

  • Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo Reserve

  • Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve

  • Tambopata National Reserve

  • Inca Trail

  • Waqrapukara

  • Huanuco Pampa

  • Qhapaq Ñan

  • Cordillera Blanca

  • Cordillera Huayhuash

  • Paracas

  • Vicos


South America

The places behind the landmarks

In 1830, in his final days, Simón Bolívar, the crusading independence hero who could have become the George Washington of South America, threw his han…

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