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A tranquil expanse of turquoise water seemingly at the roof of the world, Lake Titicaca was revered as the birthplace of Peru's original civilisations and the centre of the indigenous cosmos. Puno, on the lake's western shores, is a functional but pleasant enough city and makes a good springboard for the islands that dot the shimmering waters.

The Floating Islands of the Uros people are Lake Titicaca’s most famous attraction, at least on the Peruvian side (the eastern half of Titicaca is located in Bolivia). The islands are made from reeds, and have been continuously rebuilt and maintained by the indigenous Uros people for hundreds of years. It’s a total tourist trap, but an interesting sight nonetheless. For a more relaxed cultural experience, spend a night or two on Isla Taquile or Isla Amantaní, two enchanting islands inhabited by indigenous Quechua speakers, including master weavers who produce some of the finest textiles in Peru.

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