12 days

Qhapaq Ñan trek to Huanuco Pampa

Explore Peru's grand route of the Incas
Lima (1 days) Cusco (1) Sacred Valley (1) Machu Picchu (1) Cusco (1) Huaraz (5) Huaraz (1) Lima (1)
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6 days

Classic Peru & Machu Picchu

The classic route to Peru's most popular highlights
Lima (1 days) Cusco (2) Sacred Valley (1) Machu Picchu (1) Lima (1)
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9 days

Machu Picchu & Amazon cruise

Small-ship luxury cruise with Machu Picchu
Lima (1 days) Peruvian Amazon (3) Cusco (2) Sacred Valley (1) Machu Picchu (1) Lima (1)
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9 days

Machu Picchu & Amazon lodge

See Peru from rainforest eco-lodge to mountain empires
Lima (1 days) Peruvian Amazon (3) Cusco (2) Sacred Valley (1) Machu Picchu (1) Lima (1)
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12 days

Highlights of Peru

A grand tour of Peru's mountain civilisation
Lima (1 days) Arequipa (2) Colca Canyon (1) Lake Titicaca (2) Cusco (2) Sacred Valley (1) Machu Picchu (1) Lima (1)
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8 days

Active Sacred Valley & Machu Picchu trek

Explore Peru's grand route of the Incas
Lima (1 days) Sacred Valley (1) Sacred Valley (1) Peru (1) Machu Picchu (1) Machu Picchu (1) Cusco (1) Lima (1)
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15 days

Iguazu Falls & Andean Highlights

A grand tour of Peru and Brazil
Lima (1 days) Peruvian Amazon (3) Sacred Valley (2) Machu Picchu (1) Cusco (2) Iguassu Falls (2) Rio de Janeiro (3)
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18 days

Northern Peru beyond Machu Picchu

Amazon river cruises and archaeological wonders
Lima (2 days) Huaraz (2) Trujillo (2) Chiclayo (2) Chachapoyas & Kuelap (2) Tarapoto (3) Iquitos (4) Lima (1)
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  • Lima


    Peru's unfairly overlooked capital
    Many tourists arrive in Lima only to fly straight out to Cusco, Arequipa or other popular tourist destinations in Peru...
  • Cusco


    Capital of the Inca
    Once the capital of the mighty Inca Empire, Cusco is today the beating heart of Peru's tourism industry...
  • Sacred Valley

    Sacred Valley

    Peru's spiritual heartland
    The Urubamba River descends from Cusco, eventually connecting with tributaries of the mighty Amazon...
  • Lares Valley

  • Salkantay

  • Vilcabamba

  • Ausangate

  • Ancascocha

  • Machu Picchu

    Machu Picchu

    Peru's archaeological rock star
    Machu Picchu is the top attraction in Peru and, in 2007, was voted one of the New Seven Wonders of the World...
  • Arequipa


    Peru's elegant White City
    Peru's second city is an elegant, refined counterweight to Lima's grey skies and frequently frenetic streets...
  • Colca Canyon

    Colca Canyon

    Flight of the condor
    Twice as deep as the Grand Canyon but a fraction of the width, Colca Canyon cuts a dramatic scar across Peru's southern Andes...
  • Lake Titicaca

    Lake Titicaca

    Shimmering heart of the Andean universe
    A tranquil expanse of turquoise water seemingly at the roof of the world, Lake Titicaca was revered as the birthplace of Peru's original civilisations and the centre of the indigenous cosmos...
  • Puerto Maldonado

    Puerto Maldonado

    Accessible Amazonian adventures
    Puerto Maldonado, in Peru's southern Amazon, is the most accessible entrance to the jungle...
  • Iquitos


    The jungle city
    Famous for being accessible only by air or boat, Iquitos lies in Peru's distant north-eastern Amazon with a distinct frontier vibe to match...
  • Manú National Park

  • Peruvian Amazon

  • Chavín de Huántar

    Chavín de Huántar

    "Birthplace of South American culture”
    If you have an interest in the formation of Andean civilisation, Chavín de Huántar is vastly more significant than the famed Machu Picchu, but with a fraction of the crowds...
  • Choquequirao


    Machu Picchu without the crowds (for now)
    Machu Picchu 2...
  • Trujillo

    Northern historical heartlands
  • Chiclayo

  • Chachapoyas & Kuelap

    Chachapoyas & Kuelap

    The great cloud forest citadel
    Constructed by the Chachapoyas people, a formidable and mysterious pre-Inca civilisation who referred to themselves as ‘Warriors of the Cloud’, Kuélap was probably first settled sometime in the fifth or sixth century AD and gradually built up over almost a millennium...
  • Huaraz


    Peru's mountain exploration base
    Huaraz is Peru’s premier destination for trekking and mountain climbing in the Andes...
  • Tarapoto


  • Caral


    In 1994, archaeologist Ruth Shady Solis stumbled on a strange mound in Peru’s grey lunar desert...
  • Chan Chan

    Chan Chan

    With its strange, honeycomb-like walls and labyrinth of wavelike parapets, this sprawling adobe capital looks at first to have been made by extraterrestrials...
  • Sipan

  • Tucume

  • Luya Province

  • Ollantaytambo

  • Leymebamba

  • Utcubamba Province

  • Nazca

  • Tambopata

  • Piura

  • Mancora

  • Gocta Falls

  • Cajamarca

  • Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo Reserve

  • Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve

  • Tambopata National Reserve

  • Inca Trail

  • Waqrapukara

  • Huanuco Pampa

  • Qhapaq Ñan

  • Cordillera Blanca

  • Cordillera Huayhuash

  • Paracas

  • Vicos


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