14 days

Essential Uzbekistan & Turkmenistan

Explore the historical heritage of Persian Central Asia
Tashkent (1 days) Samarkand (2) Khiva (2) Konye-Urgench (2) The Karakum Desert (1) Ashgabat (2) Merv (2) Bukhara (1) Tashkent (1)
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12 days

The Uzbekistan Loop

Explore the highlights of Uzbekistan
Tashkent (1 days) Samarkand (2) Bukhara (3) Khiva (3) Tashkent (1)
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21 days

Tajikistan & Uzbekistan Adventure

The Pamir Highway and the Uzbekistan loop
Osh (1 days) The Pamir Highway (4) Khorog (1) Dushanbe (2) Khujand (3) Tashkent (1) Samarkand (2) Bukhara (3) Khiva (3) Tashkent (1)
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21 days

The Silk Road Trail

Explore Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan
Almaty (3 days) Karakol (2) Song Kul Lake (2) Arslanbob (2) Fergana Valley (2) Tashkent (2) Samarkand (2) Bukhara (2) Merv (2) Ashgabat (2)
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  • Khiva


    The walled city of Khiva is made up of mud-brick buildings and has over 50 historic monuments meaning you will need a few days to explore the city...
  • Bukhara


    Bukhara is over 2,000 years old, built on the site of a former Buddhist monastery, it has hundreds of minarets, mosques and madrassas with key sites being the Kalyan minaret, that's tower is a prominent landmark of the city, the Ismail Samani mausoleum and Bolo Haouz Mosque, one of many UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the city...
  • Tashkent


  • Termez


  • Derbent


  • Fergana Valley

    Fergana Valley

  • Urgench

  • Urgut


  • Nukus



A rebuilt 14th-century city, Samarkand in Uzbekistan is a striking place to visit with mosques covered in ceramic tiles and sand coloured buildings.On…

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