14 days

Essential Uzbekistan & Turkmenistan

Explore the historical heritage of Persian Central Asia
Tashkent (1 days) Samarkand (2) Khiva (2) Konye-Urgench (2) The Karakum Desert (1) Ashgabat (2) Merv (2) Bukhara (1) Tashkent (1)
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  • Ashgabat


    Ashgabat is a wonder, in that it is a huge, richly decorated, marble clad capital city that’s streets are largely empty of people...
  • Darvaza


  • The Karakum Desert

    The Karakum Desert

    The Karakum Desert covers a huge portion of Turkmenistan, bar the lizards, camels and other hardy wildlife, it is sparsely populated, with little rain falling across the area...
  • Merv


  • Mary

  • Dashoguz


  • Avaza




Konye-Urgench is just across the border from Khiva in Turkmenistan.What dazzles most about the site at Konye-Urgench is not the giant minaret left sta…

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