11 days

Classic Morocco

Imperial cities, nature and Berber culture
Casablanca (1 days) Rabat (1) Fes (1) Volubilis (1) Merzouga (2) Todra Gorge (1) Ouarzazate (3) Casablanca (1)
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9 days

Imperial Cities and the Sahara

A journey through Morocco past and present
Casablanca (1 days) Rabat (1) Fes (1) Merzouga (2) Todra Gorge (1) Ouarzazate (1) Marrakesh (2)
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8 days

Morocco's Imperial Cities

Delve into Morocco's history and culture
Casablanca (1 days) Rabat (1) Fes (1) Volubilis (1) Marrakesh (3) Casablanca (1)
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14 days

In-Depth Morocco

A grand tour of Morocco's highlights
Casablanca (1 days) Rabat (1) Chefchaouen (1) Volubilis (1) Fes (1) Merzouga (2) Todra Gorge (1) Marrakesh (3) Essaouira (3)
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  • Agafay Desert

  • Marrakesh


    Brightly coloured textiles, richly patterned pottery and arabesque jewellery are among the beautiful things you can find in the vibrant Marrakesh souks...
  • Rabat


    Although it’s the capital city of Morocco, Rabat is lesser-touristed than other cities...
  • Moulay Idriss

  • Toubkal

  • Casablanca


    Morocco’s largest city sits beside the Atlantic Ocean and is known for its rich history...
  • Essaouira


    Sip mint tea and feast on fresh fish as you sit in a coastal eatery and watch life go by in this walled harbour town...
  • Merzouga


    Once you’ve arrived at Merzouga — gateway to the Sahara — you will find yourself surrounded by the dry heat and sand dunes of the desert...
  • Ait Bougmez Valley

  • Chefchaouen


    In this city in the Rif Mountains, everything is a shade of blue, from the paved alleyways to the front doors of sky blue houses...
  • Meknes


    Meknes is one of four historic capital cities of Morocco (the others being Fes, Marrakech and Rabat)...
  • Fes


    Founded in the 9th century, Fes is the best-preserved medieval city in the Muslim world and is a colourful and bustling place to explore...
  • Midelt


    This small town lies in the high plains between the Middle Atlas and High Atlas mountain ranges...
  • Todra Gorge

    Todra Gorge

    No trip to Morocco is complete without a walk in the wadis...
  • Ouarzazate


    A gateway town to the vast Sahara desert, Ouarzazate is best-known for the huge Taourirt Kasbah that is nome to a 19th-century palace...
  • Volubilis


    Once believed to have been the ancient capital of Mauretania, partially-excavated Volubilis is an archaeologist’s dream...

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