Seasons and climate

Cuba has an eternal summer. It's hot year round – averaging 26C (78F) and the temperature varies only slightly with the seasons.

June to August are the hottest and wettest months, when intermittent rain comes in the the form of tropical storms or brief afternoon downpours that quickly clear.

June to November is hurricane season – you’re more likely to experience tropical storms than a true hurricane, but be prepared! (It’s also worth noting that Cuba is extremely well prepared for tropical weather, with no lives lost to hurricanes in decades.)

November to February see the lowest temperatures, averaging around 24C (75F) and very occasionally dropping to around 15C (59F).

Climate-wise the most pleasant season is between December and April, and this coincides with peak season for visitors from the northern hemisphere. Availability may be limited at this time – especially at casa particulares in smaller towns, so be sure to book well in advance.

Low season runs from June to September. Availability is better and you’ll have more to yourself, but bring rain gear just in case.

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When to go to Cuba

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When to go to Cuba

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