Our readers are a nature-loving bunch: wildlife, nature and the great outdoors are among the most popular activities booked through the Horizon Guides site. Now, at no additional cost, you can help in the fight against deforestation by planting 50 trees just by booking a trip through our website.

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We in the travel industry depend on the natural environment for our success, yet too many travel companies profit from mother nature without ever giving anything back. In the worst cases, uncontrolled mass tourism is a major contributor to environmental damage and greenhouse gas emissions. We think this is unacceptable.

We believe that if the travel industry is going to profit from the natural world, we should be leading the fight for its conservation and restoration. This is the reason that Horizon Guides will never promote unethical activities such as highly polluting mega cruises or captive wildlife experiences.

And it's also the reason that we have partnered with the International Tree Foundation to plant 50 trees for every trip booked through our website.

Our donation of 50 trees for every booking will support ITF's 20 Million Trees For Kenya's Forests campaign, a project to restore Kenya's highland forests and improve the livelihoods of 50,000 rural households. The campaign forms an important part of meeting Kenya's reforestation targets under the Paris Climate Summit and the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. Each tree planted will save an estimated 4kg of carbon each year – meaning that 20 million trees will eventually save 80 thousand tonnes of carbon every year.

Readers who book a trip through the Horizon Guides website can support​​ this important campaign. Simply forward your booking confirmation to info@horizonguides.com. Once validated, you'll receive confirmation and we will process a donation to ITF to fund the planting of 50 trees in your name. You'll also receive a confirmation when the trees are planted, along with their specific location in Kenya.

Thanks for your support! Together we can help turn the tourism industry into the natural world's greatest advocate.

Learn more about the Horizon Guides mission here.

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The mission of International Tree Foundation is to help create: "a world where trees and forests flourish and where their vital role in supporting life on earth is fully realised and valued." You can learn more about ITF's mission and support their work here: www.internationaltreefoundation.org

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