7 days

Petra and Wadi Rum

Arabian adventures in Jordan
Petra (2 days) Wadi Rum (2) Aqaba (3)
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7 days

Highlights of Jordan

Hidden cities and red desert dunes
Amman (2 days) Dana Biosphere Reserve (1) Wadi Rum (1) Petra (2) Jerash (1)
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14 days

Archaeology beyond Petra

Shipwrecks, salt baths and ruins
Amman (2 days) Dana Biosphere Reserve (1) Wadi Rum (2) Petra (2) Aqaba (3) Jerash (2) Umm Qais (2)
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  • Amman


    Straddling seven hills, Jordan’s capital is both a modern metropolis and a testament to the region’s rich history...
  • Petra


    Take in the key architectural features of Petra — Jordan’s hidden city carved into stone - with a short but steep trek along the Al Khubtha trail, which provides stunning views of the amazing ancient metropolis, culminating with a view of the Treasury — one of the city’s most elaborate temples...
  • Dead Sea

    Dead Sea

    Soak up all the natural goodness of a salt bath in the Dead Sea...
  • Jerash


    The Roman city of Jerash, with its border marked by the imposing Hadrian’s Arch, gives a remarkable insight into life in an ancient civilisation...
  • Dana Biosphere Reserve

    Dana Biosphere Reserve

    Dana Biosphere Reserve in south-central Jordan is the country’s largest nature reserve and is home to the remote valley of Wadi Dana...
  • Aqaba


    A dive into the Red Sea from Jordan’s only coastal city, Aqaba, will give you the chance to see the colourful marine life it’s famous for, including incredible coral reefs and exotic fish, as well as spooky sunken shipwrecks, the most famous being the 74 metre-long Cedar Pride...
  • Umm Qais

    Umm Qais

    In the hills above the Jordan Valley lies Umm Qais, the home of the ancient Roman ruins of Gadara...

Wadi Rum

Spend a day exploring the rose-red desert sands and meandering through the sandstone and granite siqs (canyons) of the Wadi Rum in a pickup truck. If …

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