• Balkans


    Europe’s forgotten wonderland
    Contrary to popular opinion, the Balkans is so much more than just the countries of the former Yugoslavia...Read more
  • Albania


    Europe’s best-kept secret
    Once best known as the final European country to throw off the shackles off Communism (outside the USSR), Albania spent much of the 20th century closed to outsiders...Read more
  • The Accursed Mountains

    The Accursed Mountains

    The Accursed Mountains (otherwise known as the less-dramatic Albanian Alps) feel a world away from the rest of Europe...Read more
  • Shkodra


    Known to Albanians as the ‘city of bicycles’, Shkodra is a pleasant place to spend a couple of days pootling around...Read more
  • Montenegro


    Ancient towns cut into majestic mountains
    Tiny Montenegro has long been touted as the hot, new travel destination – and it’s easy to see why...Read more
  • Bay of Kotor

    Bay of Kotor

    Montenegro is a country full of beautiful views, but the Bay of Kotor’s waterfront might just be the best...Read more
  • Lake Skadar National Park

    Lake Skadar National Park

    Skadar is the Balkans largest lake, with two-thirds sitting in Montenegro and the rest in Albania...Read more
  • Lovćen National Park

    Lovćen National Park

    Lovćen is most famous for the towering mausoleum of St Peter at the Jezerski vrh peak, but it’s worth exploring the park adventure activities, from ziplining and quad-biking for thrill-seekers to hiking and cycling for the more sedate...Read more
  • Cetinje


    Sitting at the foot of the Lovcen mountains, Cetinje is the former royal capital of Montenegro...Read more
  • Stari Bar

    Stari Bar

    High up on the edge of a bluff near Mount Rumija lies the ruins of Stari Bar – the original town of Bar, which is now a port city down by the water...Read more
  • Biogradska Gora National Park

    Biogradska Gora National Park

    Peaceful Biogradska Gora is best-known for its primeval forest, where you can spot ancient beech, maple, elm and juniper trees — some of which are more than 500 years old...Read more
  • Durmitor National Park

    Durmitor National Park

    Home to more than 50 peaks, mountain rivers and underground streams, the dramatic Durmitor National Park is Montenegro’s adventure playground...Read more
  • Lake Piva

    Lake Piva

    Lake Piva was created in 1975 after the Piva River was blocked by the construction of the hydroelectric Mratinje Dam, flooding Piva Canyon...Read more
  • Virpazar


    Considered the main gateway to Lake Skadar National Park, the tiny village of Virpazar was once an important trading port...Read more
  • Tara Canyon

    Tara Canyon

    Found on the northern edge Durmitor National Park, the Tara Canyon cuts deep into the landscape, with its deepest point being only 200m less than the Grand Canyon...Read more
  • Dubrovnik


    The jewel in Croatia’s crown, Dubrovnik might just be one of the most picturesque cities in the world...Read more
  • Caucasus


    Where Asia meets Europe
    Stretching from the Black Sea in the west to the Caspian Sea in the east, the Caucasus region takes in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, alongside the Russian republics of Chechnya, North Ossetia and Dagestan...Read more
  • Armenia


    Medieval monasteries and forest hikes
    One of Christianity’s earliest civilisations, Armenia’s historic churches and monasteries date back as far as the 4th century...Read more
  • Yerevan


    Check out Yerevan’s art scene by climbing The Cascade staircase that connects downtown Yerevan with the museum district...Read more
  • Dilijan National Park

    Dilijan National Park

    Northern Armenia’s Dilijan National Park is home to hiking trails where you can see bears, wolves and several species of eagle...Read more
  • Lake Sevan

    Lake Sevan

    At 1,900m above sea level, the vast Lake Sevan is one of the largest freshwater high-altitude lakes in the world...Read more
  • Selim Pass

    Selim Pass

    The Selim Pass road links the provinces of Gegharkunik and Vayots Dzor through the Vardenis mountain range, but the main attraction is the Selim Caravanserai, just past the highest point...Read more
  • Mount Aragats

    Mount Aragats

    Aragats is the highest mountain in Armenia, offering adventurous hikers a challenging climb...Read more
  • Lori Province

    Lori Province

    Armenia’s rich religious history means it has a plethora of churches and religious buildings...Read more
  • Southern Armenia

    Southern Armenia

    Southern Armenia is full of rugged beauty, with deep gorges and forested canyons...Read more
  • Tatev Monastery

    Tatev Monastery

    The 9th-century Tatev Monastery was a centre of spiritual enlightenment and home to more than 600 monks at one point...Read more
  • Lastiver


    In a remote corner of a picturesque gorge, surrounded by waterfalls, lies the Lastiver caves, where locals from the nearby village of Yenokavan sought refuge from Mongol invaders in the 13 century...Read more
  • Azerbaijan


    Land of fire
    Travelling to Azerbaijan can be confusing...Read more
  • Baku


    Azerbaijan’s capital might be changing fast due to the oil-boom, but its heart still lies in the UNESCO-listed Old City, full of tree-lined boulevards and fascinating mansions...Read more
  • Lahij


    The ancient village of Lahij in the Upper Caucasus was once an important trade and craft centre, with artisans creating copper adorned ornaments and knives, weaved cloth and leatherware before mass-produced factory goods saw the town decline...Read more
  • Sheki


    Once a trading stop on the fabled Silk Road, the town of Sheki is now the perfect place to sample Azerbaijan’s historic architecture (look for Sheki Khan’s Palace), craft workshops and try piti, a national dish of lamb stew cooked in a clay pot...Read more
  • Mount Yanar Dag

    Mount Yanar Dag

    Azerbaijan is known as the Land of Fire and nowhere is that more apt than at Mount Yanar Dag in Mehemmedi village, where an eternal flame burns from the hillside’s underground gas reserves...Read more
  • Georgia


    Rolling hills and centuries-old villages
    Georgia is no longer a backpacker’s secret...Read more
  • Kakheti region

    Kakheti region

    Kakheti in eastern Georgian is the country’s premier wine-producing area, with plenty of wineries where you can sample a glass of qvevri – named for the large, lemon-shaped terracotta pot buried in the ground that the wine ferments in...Read more
  • Tbilisi


    Tbilisi’s famous sulphur baths can be found in the Abanotubani district in the old town...Read more
  • Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park

    Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park

    The forests of Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park are home to a dozen hiking trails and activities like horse-riding, biking and camping...Read more
  • Rabati Fortress

    Rabati Fortress

    Located on a mountaintop overlooking the town of Akhaltsikhe, Rabati Fortress attracts tourists for its mix of architecture, churches and mosque...Read more
  • Khevsureti region

    Khevsureti region

    Mountainous Khevsureti is the perfect place to go hiking in Georgia...Read more
  • Kutaisi


    Kutaisi was once the capital of Georgia and dates back to the 15th century BC...Read more
  • Germany


    ...Read more
  • Italy


    ...Read more
  • Portugal


    ...Read more
  • Romania


    ...Read more
  • Iceland


    Dramatic landscapes and beautiful glaciers
    A huge island with a tiny population, Iceland is a shifting mass still being shaped by nature — literally...Read more
  • Hekla Volcano

    ...Read more
  • Svartifoss waterfall

    ...Read more
  • Reynisfjara Beach

    ...Read more
  • Fjadrargljufur Canyon

    ...Read more
  • Akurey Island

    ...Read more

Classic Caucasus

Explore the best of Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia
Approx. 17 days
Baku (1 days) → Mount Yanar Dag (1) → Sheki (1) → Kakheti region (2) → Tbilisi (2) → Rabati Fortress (1) → Kutaisi (2) → Dilijan National Park (1) → Selim Pass (1) → Tatev Monastery (1) → Yerevan (4)
View route

Walking Armenia

Take a trip through Armenia’s history
Approx. 11 days
Yerevan (1 days) → Southern Armenia (2) → Tatev Monastery (1) → Dilijan National Park (2) → Lastiver (1) → Lori Province (2) → Mount Aragats (1) → Yerevan (1)
View route

Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan Hiking Tour

Hike ancient forests, mountain lakes and waterfalls
Approx. 18 days
Yerevan (1 days) → Southern Armenia (1) → Selim Pass (1) → Lake Sevan (1) → Dilijan National Park (1) → Lastiver (1) → Khevsureti region (2) → Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park (2) → Kakheti region (1) → Sheki (1) → Lahij (2) → Baku (4)
View route

Hike Armenia and Georgia

Explore picture-perfect hiking trails in the mountains
Approx. 11 days
Yerevan (1 days) → Southern Armenia (1) → Lake Sevan (1) → Dilijan National Park (1) → Lastiver (1) → Tbilisi (1) → Khevsureti region (2) → Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park (2) → Tbilisi (1)
View route

Highlights of the Caucasus

Wine, wilderness and welcoming cities
Approx. 13 days
Baku (3 days) → Sheki (1) → Tbilisi (3) → Kakheti region (1) → Dilijan National Park (1) → Yerevan (4)
View route

Caucasus Discovery

Travel beyond the ordinary in Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia
Approx. 21 days
Baku (3 days) → Mount Yanar Dag (1) → Lahij (1) → Sheki (1) → Kakheti region (3) → Tbilisi (2) → Kutaisi (2) → Dilijan National Park (1) → Selim Pass (1) → Tatev Monastery (1) → Yerevan (5)
View route

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