Dramatic landscapes and beautiful glaciers

The Northern Lights In Iceland

How to see nature’s greatest spectacle

There are few more bucket list-worthy experiences than seeing the northern lights: front row seats to the biggest natural phenomenon on earth. The Vikings saw the lights as Bifröst, a glowing bridge that connected the mortal realm on earth with the gods in Asgard. In these less mythical days, and with a little imagination, you can see them as a different type of bridge: a connection to the celestial miracles of the universe, a reminder that there is still so much out there beyond our own horizons that we don’t know or understand.

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A huge island with a tiny population, Iceland is a shifting mass still being shaped by nature — literally. Its numerous volcanoes rumble away, spewing lava and mud while its ice-white glaciers cut through the awe-inspiring scenery. During summer, the pink hues of the midnight sun illuminate Iceland, while the majesty of the Northern Lights is never far away.

This abundance of natural beauty makes Iceland the perfect destination for outdoor activities, whether hiking, ski-touring, camping or simply lounging in a thermal pool warmed by a volcano. But don't forget about the people — Iceland may be home to only 300,000 souls, but their warmth, humour and ability to turn their beautiful but harsh environment into such a welcoming one should not be underestimated.

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Explore a blue ice cave

Explore a blue ice cave

Blue ice caves are actually glacier caves – a cave completely formed from a huge block of ice. Their striking blue colour is due to the density of the ice absorbing nearly all light except the blue end of the spectrum, making for stunning photographs. The caves are temporary and change year after year but are extraordinarily dangerous — a glacier guide is imperative.

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