Last updated 29 Mar 2020

When it comes to packing for a safari in Africa, keep in mind that the sun can be brutal, but the early morning game drives can be very chilly. It’s important to layer your clothes effectively, so you can be prepared for whatever the weather throws at you. The most important thing is comfort, so pack loose, durable clothes that can survive the game park’s harsh environment. Earth-toned colours are preferred, as brighter hues can scare off some of the animals. The aim is to blend in with the environment.

Also, remember that you will be out in the bush so make sure you have everything you need. Almost all camps have stores where you can buy basic things like memory cards, toothpaste, snacks, sunscreen and souvenirs. But the range is very limited, things run out and the prices are sky-high.

Must-have packing list

Hat or baseball cap

Dealing with the sun on an African safari is vital. A good sunhat or baseball cap that keeps the sun off your face is very important, especially when spending so long outdoors.

Long sleeve shirts
Long sleeve shirts are great for keeping you warm on an early morning safari and for protecting you from both the sun and mosquitos.

Hiking boots
A sturdy pair of shoes that can survive the harsh environment of the bush are well worth investing in. Make sure you break them in before using.

Rain jacket
Bring a rain jacket regardless of whether you’re travelling in one of the region’s rainy seasons or not. There is nothing more likely to sour your safari experience that getting soaked while sitting in a safari vehicle.

While the aim will be to get you as close to the animals as possible, bringing your own pair of binoculars will allow you to search the horizon for those elusive big cats — rather than waiting your turn to borrow the guide’s pair.

Also bring:

  • Sunscreen & toiletries
  • Insect repellent with Deet
  • Camera & extra memory cards
  • Electrical converters & chargers
  • Flashlight
  • Pain killers, malaria pills & other drugs
  • US or Euro bills newer than 2006
  • Fleece layer
  • Pants in earth tones
  • T-shirts and tank tops
  • Casual evening wear
  • Sandals

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