Tanzania Migration Safari

Experience Africa's greatest wildlife phenomenon
Approx. 8 days
Arusha (1 days) → Karatu (2) → Serengeti (4) → Arusha (1)

Journey through Tanzania’s varied wilderness, including a night at a colonial-style farmhouse lodge situated beneath the majestic Oldeani Volcano where you can ramble through 500 acres of African farmland. Move on to the famous Southern Serengeti to witness some of the world’s most magnificent wildlife in their natural habitat. This unique experience will give you a taste of real Africa.

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Kilimanjaro and Tanzania Wildlife Adventure

Explore snow-capped Kilimanjaro and tour wild game reserves
Approx. 14 days
Arusha (1 days) → Mt. Kilimanjaro (7) → Tarangire National Park (2) → Karatu (2) → Arusha (1) → Mt. Kilimanjaro (1)

Hike around the spectacular surroundings of Mount Kilimanjaro, where you will stay in a luxury hotel for six nights before going on safari in Tarangire National Park. There you can view wild game and endemic wildlife, including giraffes, buffalo, warthogs and elephants. Continue your journey to Karatu conservation area where you can ramble along acres of trails and experience untouched wilderness with stunning views of Oldeani Volcano.

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Wild Southern Tanzania

Explore Tanzania's famous game reserves
Approx. 8 days
Selous Game Reserve (3 days) → Ruaha National Park (3) → Ruaha National Park (1)

Delve into Africa’s spectacular ecosystems and come face to face with hippos, crocodiles, giraffes, gazelles and maybe even lions. You’ll get an old-world safari experience far from the crowds and deep in the wilderness with nature’s most magnificent creatures in Selous Game Reserve before moving on to Ruaha National Park, where you’ll enjoy a luxurious stay in a secluded camp with exclusive game viewing. Every experience in the wilderness is unique.

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Unexplored Tanzania

Off the beaten path safari and beach escape
Approx. 15 days
Ras Kutani (4 days) → Selous Game Reserve (3) → Ruaha National Park (3) → Songosongo Archipelago (4) → Dar es Salaam (1)

Journey through Tanzania’s culture, wilderness, and secluded tropical oases in this unforgettable two-week adventure. This trip offers the ideal mix of relaxation and exploration, taking you on a journey from glistening waters and white-sand beaches to the rich Selous Game Reserve and Ruaha National Park. After an invigorating adventure, you will visit the secluded islands of the Songosongo Archipelago to complete a truly treasured experience.

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Tanzania Safari and Beach

See all the spectacular wildlife Africa has to offer
Approx. 11 days
Arusha (1 days) → Serengeti (3) → Ruaha National Park (3) → Zanzibar (3) → Dar es Salaam (1)

Visit Tanzania’s most celebrated national parks and get a truly authentic experience of wild Africa. On this trip, you will delve into the Serengeti ecosystem, Masai Mara Game Park and Ruaha National Park for the journey of a lifetime. To finish it off, you will take sanctuary at the Pongwe Resort, where you can bask on its white-sand beaches alongside glistening warm waters that teem with wildlife just waiting to be discovered.

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Tanzania Safari, Kilimanjaro and Islands

From mountain top and safari adventure to island beaches
Approx. 16 days
Arusha (1 days) → Mt. Kilimanjaro (7) → Karatu (2) → Serengeti (2) → Zanzibar (3) → Dar es Salaam (1)
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The Best of Kenya and Tanzania

Exploring wilderness in Kenya and Tanzania
Approx. 13 days
Nairobi (1 days) → Masai Mara National Park (4) → Serengeti (4) → Karatu (2) → Arusha (1) → Dar es Salaam (1)

Explore East Africa's wildlife from both Kenya and Tanzania, alternating between the Masai Mara and the Serengeti. Along the way, you'll spot lions, elephants, leopards, buffalo and many more. This is the ultimate East African safari.

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