Horizon Guides is a celebration of travel less ordinary. Our guides, anthologies and features give our readers fresh insights on familiar places, combining essential travel information with inspirational experiences.

We commission:

  1. Research led guides to travel experiences, places and destinations
  2. Travel features that explore places, people and experiences
  3. Interviews/articles with experts in particular fields

Our authors are a mix of talented professional journalists and destination experts, who can provide detailed, on-the-ground knowledge and insights.

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Pitch guidelines

Before sending in your idea, make sure it is the kind of story we are after.

Read our site, download some of our guides and look at our feature list to get a flavour for the places and travel experiences we cover.

In general, we are looking for travel guides and features that cover a particular aspect of a destination or a new way of looking at a place. We’re not trying to compete with destination guidebooks by covering the entirety of a country. Instead, we want to cover a reason for travelling to a destination in as much depth as possible.

Pitching guides

We have two tiers of guides: Full-length guides and online destination guides, such as this guide to wildlife in the Pantanal. We are much more likely to commission an online destination guide than a full-length guide.

When suggesting a guide, send us a paragraph or two describing why we should cover this aspect of a destination and what your guide will cover, such as routes, places or activities.

Do explain how your own experience and expertise matches this destination (we prefer in-destination authors or those with several years/recent experience in the destination). If you haven’t written for Horizon Guides before, it’s helpful to tell us a little about your background and writing experience, as well as links to previous work.

At the moment, we are much more likely to commission a guide to a destination that we don’t currently cover on our site. However, for larger destinations (India, USA, Australia), we are interested in guide pitches.

Good sample guides to give you a flavour of what we’re after include:

A guide to houseboat trips on Kerala’s backwaters

How to see wildlife in Brazil’s Pantanal

Visiting Kuelap, Peru’s cloudforest citadel

Trekking around Mount Everest

When to see the great migration

Pitching features and interviews

First and foremost, a Horizon Guides feature is an article people will love to read. We’re looking for first-person accounts of memorable experiences, stories (not necessarily travel-based) on places and responsible travel/slow tourism pieces.

We don’t run features that are simple accounts of your travel journey. Your feature should have an angle, people, a storyline and a payoff. In the vast majority of features, the writer will be the least important person in the story. Instead, it should focus on the people, place or issue you’re writing about. Don’t be afraid to be contrary – if your story is about why someone shouldn’t visit a place, or a bad experience – we’re still interested.

The ideal pitch is just a few paragraphs long, quickly telling an editor what the story is, what makes it different and why Horizon Guides should cover it. We want a flavour of what the finished feature is like.

We strongly advise you to show awareness for our website and readers. Before sending a pitch, check our website to see what we’ve done and covered on the destination in the past.

You can find a full list of our features here, but here are some of our recent commissions:

Experiencing India’s Kumbh Mela pilgrimage

Meeting the cheetahs of the Karoo

Into wonderland: Hiking Patagonia National Park

Forest fires in Torres del Paine

Close encounters in the Galapagos

Writing for us

Horizon Guides wants to improve the quality of online travel writing. Our guides aim to be informative, engaging and explain how a traveller can experience a particular destination or activity. Our features are standalone essays that take readers into a place or moment in time.


We pay set rates for guides and on a words commissioned basis for features. Our editorial team will be able to tell you the going rate. Payment will be made through bank transfer or through Transferwise within 45 days of acceptance.

Who to send pitches to

For all pitches, please contact our editor Karam Filfilan in the first instance, labelling your email with Pitch in the subject line. We will attempt to respond to all emails, but the volume of pitches means this isn’t always possible. Please do not send follow-up emails to pitches if you haven’t received a response – this will only block up our email system further.

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Why Horizon Guides?

Impartial guidebooks

Impartial guidebooks

Our travel guides are written by the leading experts in their destinations. We never take payment for positive coverage so you can count on us for impartial travel advice.

Expert itineraries

Expert itineraries

Suggested itineraries and routes to help you scratch beneath the surface, avoid the tourist traps, and plan an authentic, responsible and enjoyable journey.

Specialist advice

Specialist advice

Get friendly, expert travel advice and custom itineraries from some of the world’s best tour operators, with no spam, pressure or commitment to book.