Uganda’s climate remains stable year round due to its location straddling the equator, with temperatures hovering around 24-33C.

Uganda experiences two dry seasons and two wet seasons. The first dry season runs from December to February, with the second hitting between June and August. The main wet season hits Uganda between March and May, making gorilla tracking trails muddy and mountain peaks difficult to summit. A second — slightly milder — wet season happens between September and November.

The best time to head for the mountain ranges of Rwenzori and Elgo is in January and February, when the weather is dry and warm and visibility better. Although October and November can be wet, fewer travellers at this time means it’s easier to obtain gorilla and chimpanzee trekking permits. You’ll often find reduced hotel rates and tour discounts.

Avoid travelling to Uganda during the heavy rainfall months of April and May.


Ethnic dances of Batwa pigmy, Bwindi national park

Festivals and holidays

Uganda’s vibrant cities offer a number of intriguing festivals. The Nyege Nyege International Festival, hosted in the eastern town of Jinja, is the biggest festival in the country drawing in local and international artists. For three days in September, revellers are treated to music, dance and art on the banks of the River Nile.

The Bayimba International Festival of the Arts is in its twelfth year and is held at Lunkulu Island, in Mukono. Taking place in August, the festival showcases talent from Uganda and across East Africa.

October 9th marks Uganda’s independence from Great Britain. This annual celebration is a public holiday and is marked across Uganda with street parties, dance and music.

When to go to Uganda

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