10 days

Kazakhstan & Kyrgyzstan Unwrapped

Explore the lakes and landscapes of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan
Almaty (1 days) Altyn Emel National Park (1) Charyn Canyon (1) The Karkara Valley (1) Karakol (2) Lake Issyk Kul (1) Song Kul Lake (1) The Suusamyr Valley (1) Bishkek (1)
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21 days

Tajikistan & Uzbekistan Adventure

The Pamir Highway and the Uzbekistan loop
Osh (1 days) The Pamir Highway (4) Khorog (1) Dushanbe (2) Khujand (3) Tashkent (1) Samarkand (2) Bukhara (3) Khiva (3) Tashkent (1)
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  • Bishkek


  • Lake Issyk Kul

    Lake Issyk Kul

  • Song Kul Lake

    Song Kul Lake

    Located in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan, Song Kul is a high-altitude, alpine lake perfect for hiking and horseback riding, although the area is covered in snow for the majority of the year...
  • Karakol


    Karakol, on the eastern side of Lake Issyk-Kul, is a traveler’s favourite...
  • Kochkor


  • Osh


  • Arslanbob


    Arslanbob is the perfect spot for those looking to escape the cities in favour of walking and hiking...
  • The Karkara Valley

    The Karkara Valley

  • The Suusamyr Valley

    The Suusamyr Valley

  • Kyzart

  • Kilemche Jailoo

    Kilemche Jailoo

  • Jety Oguz

    Jety Oguz

  • Telety


  • Ala Kul Lake

    Ala Kul Lake

  • Altyn Arashan Valley

    Altyn Arashan Valley

  • Chon-Kemin Valley

  • Tamga


  • Tian Shan Mountains


The Pamir Highway

Connecting Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan by road through the Pamir Mountains, the M41, commonly referred to as The Pamir Highway…

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