8 days

Wild southern Tanzania

Explore Tanzania's famous game reserves
Selous Game Reserve (3 days) Ruaha National Park (3) Ruaha National Park (1)
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15 days

Golden Triangle and Rajasthan extended

A journey into the heart of Rajasthan
Delhi (3 days) Agra (3) Ranthambore National Park (2) Jaipur (3) Jodhpur (2) Udaipur (2)
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14 days

Slow travel Sri Lanka

Culture, countryside and beaches
Colombo (2 days) Polonnaruwa (3) Kandy (3) Galle (6)
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14 days

Japan’s cities and countryside

Temples, teahouses and Tokyo
Tokyo (3 days) Hakone (2) Kyoto (2) Himeji (1) Kanazawa (2) Takayama (2) Tokyo (2)
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6 days

Classic Peru & Machu Picchu

The classic route to Peru's most popular highlights
Lima (1 days) Cusco (2) Sacred Valley (1) Machu Picchu (1) Lima (1)
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9 days

Machu Picchu & Amazon cruise

Small-ship luxury cruise with Machu Picchu
Lima (1 days) Iquitos (3) Cusco (2) Sacred Valley (1) Machu Picchu (1) Lima (1)
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9 days

Machu Picchu & Amazon lodge

See Peru from rainforest eco-lodge to mountain empires
Lima (1 days) Puerto Maldonado (3) Cusco (2) Sacred Valley (1) Machu Picchu (1) Lima (1)
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12 days

Highlights of Peru

A grand tour of Peru's mountain civilisation
Lima (1 days) Arequipa (2) Colca Canyon (1) Lake Titicaca (2) Cusco (2) Sacred Valley (1) Machu Picchu (1) Lima (1)
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13 days

Machu Picchu & Galapagos cruise

An epic land and sea voyage of history and nature
Lima (1 days) Sacred Valley (2) Machu Picchu (1) Cusco (2) Quito (2) Isla Santa Cruz (1) Isla Fernandina (1) Isla Isabela (1) Isla Santiago (1) Quito (1)
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10 days

Galapagos and Amazon basin combined

Explore the highlights of Ecuador
Isla Santa Cruz (1 days) Isla Santiago (1) Isla Bartolomé (1) Isla Genovesa (1) The Amazon Basin (3) Quito (3)
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