9 days

Machu Picchu & Amazon cruise

Small-ship luxury cruise with Machu Picchu
Lima (1 days) Iquitos (3) Cusco (2) Sacred Valley (1) Machu Picchu (1) Lima (1)
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13 days

Machu Picchu & Galapagos cruise

An epic land and sea voyage of history and nature
Lima (1 days) Sacred Valley (2) Machu Picchu (1) Cusco (2) Quito (2) Isla Santa Cruz (1) Isla Fernandina (1) Isla Isabela (1) Isla Santiago (1) Quito (1)
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10 days

Galapagos and Amazon basin combined

Explore the highlights of Ecuador
Isla Santa Cruz (1 days) Isla Santiago (1) Isla Bartolomé (1) Isla Genovesa (1) The Amazon Basin (3) Quito (3)
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4 days

Classic Galapagos cruise

See the best of the Galapagos Islands
Isla Santa Cruz (1 days) Isla Bartolomé (1) Isla Genovesa (1) Isla Santa Cruz (1)
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8 days

Galapagos expedition cruise

Luxury-class cruise of the islands
Isla Santa Cruz (1 days) Isla Fernandina (1) Isla Isabela (1) Isla Bartolomé (1) Isla Rabida (1) Isla Santa Cruz (1) Isla Española (1) Isla San Cristóbal (1)
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11 days

Classic Antarctica

Ushuaia (1 days) Drake Passage (2) Antarctic Peninsula (8)
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18 days

Patagonia Fjords, Antarctica & the Falklands

Cruise from Patagonia to wildlife-rich Antarctica
Punta Arenas (2 days) Cape Horn (1) Drake Passage (2) Antarctic Peninsula (8) Falkland Islands (4) Punta Arenas (1)
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21 days

Antarctica, South Georgia & Falklands

An extended expedition to all sub-Antarctic highlights
Ushuaia (2 days) Falkland Islands (5) South Georgia (5) Antarctic Peninsula (7) Drake Passage (2)
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23 days

Antarctica & Ross Sea Expedition

Hobart | Balleny Islands | Cape Adare | Terra Nova Bay | Ross Ice Shelf | Coulman Island | Christchurch
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19 days

Chile to Antarctic Cruise

Fjords, wildlife and the frozen continent
Santiago (3 days) Punta Arenas (1) Drake Passage (1) Antarctic Peninsula (7) Cape Horn (2) Torres del Paine National Park (5)
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