The Land of Kings

Rajasthan is a riot of colours. From the pink hues of Jaipur to the inky blues of Jodhpur, your first view of kaleidoscopic Rajasthan will be a sensory overload. Known as the Land of Kings because of its Maharaja-filled royal history, the state is crammed with huge medieval forts, shimmering palaces and opulent mansions. It’s history heaven.

However, Rajasthan is more than just its past. Tigers roam its national parks, camel herders still live a nomadic life in its deserts (with the occasional smartphone thrown in) and skilled artisans make handicrafts and textiles that inspire designers around the world. So come and immerse yourself in the colour-soaked India of your dreams.


Exploring beyond the Golden Triangle

If you’re after a taste of India’s royal past complete with forts, festivals and forbidding deserts, then Rajasthan is your trip. The Land of Kings is home to some of India’s most beguiling cities, built by princely Rajputs and fortified against battle with forts, castles and palaces.

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