Orangutans in Borneo

A guide to responsible orangutan tourism

Orangutans are magical creatures. Whether gracefully swinging through the trees, staring at you soulfully from their deep black eyes or watching a mother carefully groom a grizzling baby, seeing your first orangutan up close is a moment you never forget.

About this guide

The orangutan is critically endangered, with numbers having almost halved in the last century. Logging, palm oil production and pollution are all having a devastating impact on orangutans in Borneo and Sumatra, forcing them out of their natural habitats.

This is why it’s so important to carefully research any trip to see orangutans. Choosing an ethical tour operator and deciding whether you want to see orangutans in the wild or at a rehabilitation centre can have a direct impact on the conservation of this primate.

So here’s your guide to all things orangutan — from where to see them, how to help protect them and even how to volunteer with them. The time is now to save the majestic, magical orangutan.

Authors Tamara Thiessen, Ashley Leiman and Jan Schmidt-Burbach
Editors Karam Filfilan
Format PDF
Published 2019
No. of Pages 75

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