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For many families, the annual vacation is a fixture of modern life. Those happy weeks we get to spend together as a family unit, away from all the routines and stresses of everyday life, discovering new places and enjoying new experiences... It's the stuff of happy and enduring memories for young and old(er) travellers alike.

About this guide

More families are travelling than ever before, and the travel industry is gradually adapting to changing tastes and preferences. While family travel used to mean a visit to a theme park or two weeks ensconced in a beach resort, a new generation of family travellers is seeking out genuine adventures, cultural immersion and meaningful human connections.

What the industry calls "experiential travel" is just the old idea that travel can (and should) be a transformative, learning experience -- one that changes us as people and adds new depth to our understanding of the world. Is there a better way for youngsters to experience the world during their formative years? Experiential travel is almost purpose made for inquisitive families.

It sounds great, but what does it mean in practice? What exactly is an "experiential" vacation and how do you plan and book one? Can you really get off the beaten path with young kids in tow? Isn't it all just a bit too much hassle?

Treat this guide as your starting point. We haven't attempted to include all the possible destinations and activities -- there are far too many out there to mention. Instead we've provided some examples to get your inspiration flowing and, more importantly, some cues on how to approach what might seem like a daunting decision. It's time to escape the ordinary, and we hope this guide will help you on your way!

Authors Ethan Gelber
Editors Matthew Barker
Format PDF
No. of Pages 63
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