030 Antarctica Paradise Bay

You don't take a holiday to Antarctica ‒ you make a trip of a lifetime.

This colossal frozen netherworld is bigger than the USA. The sun doesn’t rise for six months of the year and it's constant daylight the rest. It's the most untouched, alien place on our planet ‒ but the rewards are exceptional. Antarctica’s landscapes are surreal: utterly immense rolling icefields, icebergs the size of stadiums, glassy seas deeper than a skyscraper.

Its wildlife is abundant and utterly unperturbed by people. Armies of penguins waddle across the ice, train-sized humpback whales and orcas breach from the inky depths, seals flounder on the snowfields. On a calm day, when the sunlight bounces off every surface, the silence is all-encompassing. It's like nowhere else on earth.

Cruising to Antarctica

How to get to Antarctica: An expert guide

Visited by just a handful of people each year, cruising to Antarctica is to see the last great frontier on earth. Travelling to the White Continent is a big decision to make: you must consider the not-so-insignificant cost, the vast distances, and the environmental impact of your visit. And once you've made up your mind, with so many options to choose between figuring out exactly how to get to Antarctica can be something of a more

11 days

Classic Antarctica

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18 days

Chilean Patagonia To Antarctica Cruise

Patagonia Fjords & Antarctica itinerary
View itinerary
21 days

Antarctica, South Georgia & Falklands

An extended expedition to all sub-Antarctic highlights
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19 days

Antarctica Cruise from Chile Itinerary

19-day cruise from Chile to Antarctica
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  • South Georgia

    South Georgia

    Rugged beauty and wildlife
    Home to more than 100 million seabirds, 100,000 elephant seals and 3 million fur seals, South Georgia offers wildlife watching on an unparalleled scale...
  • Deception Island

  • Port Lockroy

  • Lemaire Channel

  • Drake Passage

    Drake Passage

    Considered by many polar travellers to be the gateway to Antarctica, the Drake Passage is a common feature for cruises to the Antarctic Peninsula...
  • South Shetland Islands

  • King George Island

  • Antarctic Peninsula

    Antarctic Peninsula

    The ultimate expedition
    You don't take a holiday to Antarctica ‒ you make a trip of a lifetime...

Places to go in Antarctica

Antarctica Tours


Antarctica Classic

An affordable expedition to the White Continent

11 daysFrom $5,999

Quest For The Antarctic Circle

Explore the polar circle on an ice-strengthened ship

14 daysFrom $9,999

Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctica

An extended expedition to all sub-Antarctic highlights

21 daysFrom $13,225
South America, Antarctica

Santiago & Antarctica tour

Antarctic exploration & Santiago relaxation

11 daysFrom $15,990
South America, Antarctica

Santiago Tour & Antarctica Ocean Nova Cruise

13-day Antarctic adventure

14 daysFrom $19,990

South Shetland Islands & Antarctic Peninsula

10 daysFrom $7,895

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Central America, South America, Antarctica

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North America, South America, Antarctica

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